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International domains (gTLD zone)
ACTOR  $35.99  TLD zone for ACTOR
ADULT  $89.99  TLD zone for ADULT
AIRFORCE  $29.99  TLD zone for AIRFORCE
ARCHI  $73.19  TLD zone for ARCHI
ARMY  $28.79  TLD zone for ARMY
ASIA  $23.95  Domain for the sites of Asia and Asian-Pacific region
ATTORNEY  $35.99  TLD zone for ATTORNEY
AUCTION  $28.79  TLD zone for AUCTION
AUDIO  $13.43  TLD zone for AUDIO
BAND  $21.59  TLD zone for BAND
BAR  $71.99  TLD zone for BAR
BEER  $28.79  TLD zone for BEER
BERLIN  $50.39  TLD zone for BERLIN
BEST  $100.79  TLD zone for BEST
BHARAT  $9.71  TLD zone for BHARAT
BID  $28.79  TLD zone for BID
BIO  $58.79  TLD zone for BIO
BIZ  $12.45  International domain for business (may be registered by an individual)
BLACK  $43.19  TLD zone for BLACK
BLUE  $14.39  TLD zone for BLUE
BUILD  $71.99  TLD zone for BUILD
BUZZ  $38.99  TLD zone for BUZZ
CAPETOWN  $23.99  TLD zone for CAPETOWN
CAREER  $107.99  TLD zone for CAREER
CASA  $28.79  TLD zone for CASA
CASINO  $143.99  TLD zone for CASINO
CLICK  $6.71  TLD zone for CLICK
CLUB  $15.59  TLD zone for CLUB
COLLEGE  $65.99  TLD zone for COLLEGE
COM  $11.95  International domain for business and personal sites
COOKING  $28.79  TLD zone for COOKING
COUNTRY  $28.79  TLD zone for COUNTRY
CREDIT  $94.79  TLD zone for CREDIT
CRICKET  $71.99  TLD zone for CRICKET
CYMRU  $17.99  TLD zone for CYMRU
DANCE  $21.59  TLD zone for DANCE
DATE  $28.79  TLD zone for DATE
DEGREE  $43.19  TLD zone for DEGREE
DEMOCRAT  $28.79  TLD zone for DEMOCRAT
DENTIST  $35.99  TLD zone for DENTIST
DESI  $17.99  TLD zone for DESI
DESIGN  $47.99  TLD zone for DESIGN
DIET  $19.19  TLD zone for DIET
DOWNLOAD  $28.79  TLD zone for DOWNLOAD
DURBAN  $23.99  TLD zone for DURBAN
ENERGY  $94.79  TLD zone for ENERGY
ENGINEER  $28.79  TLD zone for ENGINEER
FAITH  $28.79  TLD zone for FAITH
FAMILY  $22.79  TLD zone for FAMILY
FASHION  $28.79  TLD zone for FASHION
FISHING  $28.79  TLD zone for FISHING
FIT  $28.79  TLD zone for FIT
FLOWERS  $25.19  TLD zone for FLOWERS
FORSALE  $28.79  TLD zone for FORSALE
FUTBOL  $11.99  TLD zone for FUTBOL
GARDEN  $28.79  TLD zone for GARDEN
GIFT  $19.19  TLD zone for GIFT
GIVES  $28.79  TLD zone for GIVES
GLOBAL  $71.99  TLD zone for GLOBAL
GOLD  $94.79  TLD zone for GOLD
GREEN  $71.99  TLD zone for GREEN
GUITARS  $28.79  TLD zone for GUITARS
HAUS  $28.79  TLD zone for HAUS
HELP  $19.19  TLD zone for HELP
HIPHOP  $19.19  TLD zone for HIPHOP
HORSE  $28.79  TLD zone for HORSE
HOST  $92.39  TLD zone for HOST
HOSTING  $28.79  TLD zone for HOSTING
INFO  $12.45  International domain for informational sites
INK  $27.59  TLD zone for INK
IRISH  $35.99  TLD zone for IRISH
JOBS  $137.99  TLD zone for JOBS
JOBURG  $23.99  TLD zone for JOBURG
JUEGOS  $13.43  TLD zone for JUEGOS
KAUFEN  $28.79  TLD zone for KAUFEN
KIM  $14.39  TLD zone for KIM
KIWI  $37.19  TLD zone for KIWI
LAWYER  $35.99  TLD zone for LAWYER
LGBT  $43.19  TLD zone for LGBT
LINK  $9.59  TLD zone for LINK
LIVE  $22.79  TLD zone for LIVE
LOAN  $28.79  TLD zone for LOAN
LOANS  $94.79  TLD zone for LOANS
LOL  $29.99  TLD zone for LOL
LONDON  $49.19  TLD zone for LONDON
LOVE  $28.79  TLD zone for LOVE
LUXURY  $575.99  TLD zone for LUXURY
MARKET  $28.79  TLD zone for MARKET
MARKETS  $59.99  TLD zone for MARKETS
MEN  $28.79  TLD zone for MEN
MENU  $35.99  TLD zone for MENU
MOBI  $29.95  The dotmobi domain is intended for use with mobile devices
MODA  $28.79  TLD zone for MODA
MORTGAGE  $43.19  TLD zone for MORTGAGE
NAGOYA  $11.99  TLD zone for NAGOYA
NAME  $11.95  International domain for personal sites
NAVY  $28.79  TLD zone for NAVY
NET  $11.95  International domain for network-related business (may be registered by an individual)
NEWS  $22.79  TLD zone for NEWS
NINJA  $17.39  TLD zone for NINJA
NYC  $28.79  TLD zone for NYC
ONE  $10.79  TLD zone for ONE
ONLINE  $37.19  TLD zone for ONLINE
OOO  $28.79  TLD zone for OOO
ORG  $11.95  International domain for non-profit organizations (may be registered by an individual)
PARTY  $28.79  TLD zone for PARTY
PHOTO  $28.79  TLD zone for PHOTO
PHYSIO  $87.59  TLD zone for PHYSIO
PICS  $19.19  TLD zone for PICS
PICTURES  $10.19  TLD zone for PICTURES
PINK  $14.39  TLD zone for PINK
PORN  $89.99  TLD zone for PORN
PRESS  $71.99  TLD zone for PRESS
PRO  $13.99  TLD zone for PRO
PROPERTY  $28.79  TLD zone for PROPERTY
PUB  $28.79  TLD zone for PUB
QUEBEC  $35.99  TLD zone for QUEBEC
RACING  $28.79  TLD zone for RACING
RED  $14.39  TLD zone for RED
REHAB  $28.79  TLD zone for REHAB
RENT  $65.99  TLD zone for RENT
REST  $35.99  TLD zone for REST
REVIEW  $28.79  TLD zone for REVIEW
REVIEWS  $21.59  TLD zone for REVIEWS
RIP  $17.99  TLD zone for RIP
ROCKS  $11.99  TLD zone for ROCKS
RODEO  $28.79  TLD zone for RODEO
SAGATHAN  $13.19  TLD zone for SAGATHAN
SALE  $28.79  TLD zone for SALE
SCIENCE  $28.79  TLD zone for SCIENCE
SEXY  $19.19  TLD zone for SEXY
SHABAKA  $16.79  TLD zone for SHABAKA
SHIKSHA  $14.39  TLD zone for SHIKSHA
SITE  $27.59  TLD zone for SITE
SKI  $41.99  TLD zone for SKI
SOCIAL  $28.79  TLD zone for SOCIAL
SOFTWARE  $28.79  TLD zone for SOFTWARE
SOY  $26.39  TLD zone for SOY
SPACE  $8.39  TLD zone for SPACE
STUDIO  $22.79  TLD zone for STUDIO
SURF  $28.79  TLD zone for SURF
TATTOO  $28.79  TLD zone for TATTOO
TECH  $47.99  TLD zone for TECH
TEL  $17.90  Used to provide a single point of contact for a company or individual from any computer or mobile device. Web-page is included
TIRES  $94.79  TLD zone for TIRES
TOKYO  $11.99  TLD zone for TOKYO
TOP  $9.59  TLD zone for TOP
TRADE  $28.79  TLD zone for TRADE
VEGAS  $57.59  TLD zone for VEGAS
VET  $28.79  TLD zone for VET
VIDEO  $21.59  TLD zone for VIDEO
VODKA  $28.79  TLD zone for VODKA
VOTE  $71.99  TLD zone for VOTE
VOTO  $71.99  TLD zone for VOTO
WALES  $17.99  TLD zone for WALES
WANG  $10.79  TLD zone for WANG
WEBCAM  $28.79  TLD zone for WEBCAM
WEBSITE  $20.39  TLD zone for WEBSITE
WEDDING  $28.79  TLD zone for WEDDING
WIKI  $27.59  TLD zone for WIKI
WIN  $28.79  TLD zone for WIN
WORK  $7.75  TLD zone for WORK
XXX  $90.85  The domain zone is dedicated to online adult entertainment industry. All the .XXX domains will include daily McAfee malware scanning. All .XXX sites will have MetaCert electronic Family Safety label
XYZ  $11.99  TLD zone for XYZ
YOGA  $29.99  TLD zone for YOGA
National domains (ccTLD zone)
COM.CN  $34.95  China's common-purpose domain
COM.UA  $9.95  Ukrainian common-purpose domain
IN.UA  $9.95  Ukrainian domain for individuals
NET.CN  $34.95  Domain of China
NET.UA  $9.95  Ukrainian domain for network-related business
ORG.CN  $34.95  Domain of China
ORG.UA  $9.95  Ukrainian common-purpose domain
Regional domains (UA zone)
CHERNOVTSY.UA  $9.95  Chernovtsy regional domain
CRIMEA.UA  $9.95  Crimea regional domain
CV.UA  $9.95  Chernovtsy regional domain
DN.UA  $9.95  Donetsk regional domain
DNEPROPETROVSK.UA  $8.85  Dnepropetrovsk regional domain
DONETSK.UA  $9.95  Donetsk regional domain
DP.UA  $9.95  Dnepropetrovsk regional domain
IF.UA  $9.95  Ivano-Frankivsk regional domain
IVANO-FRANKIVSK.UA  $9.95  Ivano-Frankivsk regional domain
KH.UA  $9.95  Kharkov regional domain
KHARKOV.UA  $9.95  Kharkov regional domain
KHERSON.UA  $9.95  Kherson regional domain
KHMELNITSKIY.UA  $8.85  Khmelnitskiy regional domain
KIEV.UA  $9.95  Kiev regional domain
KIROVOGRAD.UA  $9.95  Kirovograd regional domain
KM.UA  $9.95  Khmelnitskiy regional domain
KR.UA  $9.95  Kirovograd regional domain
KS.UA  $9.95  Kherson regional domain
LG.UA  $9.95  Lugansk regional domain
LUGANSK.UA  $9.95  Lugansk regional domain
LUTSK.UA  $9.95  Volynsk regional domain
LVIV.UA  $9.95  Lviv regional domain
MK.UA  $9.95  Nikolaev regional domain
NIKOLAEV.UA  $9.95  Nikolaev regional domain
OD.UA  $9.95  Odessa regional domain
ODESSA.UA  $9.95  Odessa regional domain
PL.UA  $9.95  Poltava regional domain (1)
POLTAVA.UA  $9.95  Poltava regional domain (1)
ROVNO.UA  $9.95  Rovno regional domain
RV.UA  $9.95  Rovno regional domain
SEBASTOPOL.UA  $9.95  Sebastopol regional domain
SUMY.UA  $9.95  Sumy regional domain
TE.UA  $9.95  Ternopil regional domain
TERNOPIL.UA  $9.95  Ternopil regional domain
UZ.UA  $9.95  Zakarpatje regional domain
UZHGOROD.UA  $9.95  Zakarpatje regional domain
VINNICA.UA  $9.95  Vinnica regional domain
VN.UA  $9.95  Vinnica regional domain
ZAPORIZHZHE.UA  $9.95  Zaporizhzhe regional domain
ZHITOMIR.UA  $9.95  Zhitomir regional domain
ZP.UA  $9.95  Zaporizhzhe regional domain
ZT.UA  $9.95  Zhitomir regional domain
(1) Residency required
(2) Registered trademark required
(3) For business only
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